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HIST 140: The World since 1945: Home

This guide will help you find resources and research tips for this course.

To find general resources, scroll down this page. Click on the tabs to find more resources for the module you picked. 

For Immigration, Refugees, and “Stateless” Rights AND Indigenous Rights and Settler Colonialism, look under Immigration & Indigenous Rights

For Justice, Violence, and Power AND Racial Reckoning and World History, look under Justice & Racial Reckoning

For Capitalism, Socialism, and the Meaning of Freedom AND Nationalism and the Claims of the Cold War, look under Capitalism & Nationalism

For Feminism in Contexts: Women’s Rights to Culture, look under Feminism in Contexts

Finding Articles


Primary Source Websites for Research in World History

Most of these sources contain both primary and secondary texts.

Edited Primary Source Collections

When you search the library catalogbegin with a simple keyword search to identify one or more relevant resources. Keyword terms used to find primary sources can include:

- Personal narratives - Diaries
- Correspondence         - Letters
- Interviews                            - Autobiography
- Memoirs - Maps
- Pamphlets - Speeches
- Sources - Archives
- Archival Resources  




Government Information

UNC holds over two million Federal, international, and state documents, but not all of these are in the catalog. Still, the catalog is a great place to start your research, particularly for documents published after 1976.

A few other useful sources for finding government information are below:


Finding Primary Sources

This guide provides assistance with research using primary sources, especially those we have available here at UNC Libraries in several formats: paper, republication, microfilm, and electronic. The database below helps identifies primary source repositories around the world.


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