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HIST 355/WGST 354: American Women's History to 1865: Primary Sources

Selected Collections

Records, Papers, Archives

The Libraries offer many primary source documents, in a variety of formats.

For materials relating to Southern or North Carolina history, visit our Wilson Special Collections Library.  Plus, many of these materials have been digitized.

You can also search the online catalog for primary sources, using words such as: personal narratives, autobiographies, diaries, letters, records, sources, interviews, archives, or archival sources:

Not all of these will be primary sources, but it can be an effective way to find some.

Open access web sites are also available, such as the Library of Congress Digital Collections. Many other research libraries have digitized collections that can be found using Google!


Finding Primary Sources

This local guide provides assistance in pursuing research using primary sources, especially those we have available here in several formats: paper, republication, microfilm, and electronic. The database below helps identifies primary source repositories around the world.