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How Does It Feel to Be a Problem: Learn More About the Topics

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These reports and newspaper articles provide context to issues surrounding the detainment of immigrants during the post 9/11 period. 


These articles focus on Arab American or Muslim Americans serving in the U.S. military. 


These resources focus on supporting inclusion of Arab Americans and Muslim Americans in the education system. 


These resources provide more information on the topics of "Middlemen Minorities" and hate crimes in the post 9/11 period introduced in Akram's story.


The first article provides additional context about the effect of sanctions on Iraq experienced by Lina when she visited her family. The second showcases a wide variety of female experience, while the third expands on the issue of identity for both teens and their parents.


These resources focus on employment discrimination faced by Arab Americans and Muslim Americans in the Post 9/11 landscape.


The first two articles expand on Arab American and Muslim American identity in young adults. The last resource focuses on Muslim Student Associations (MSAs), much like the one that Rami participated in.

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Want to learn more about the topics brought up in each of the portraits? Click on the link to find resources that expand on topics introduced in each of the chapters. 

Rasha: detainment of immigrants during the post 9/11 periods

Sami: Arab Americans serving in U.S. military

Yasmin: Arab Americans and the education system

Akram: Middlemen Minorities and Hate Crimes

Lina: Iraqi sanctions and Romantic Relationships 

Omar: Workplace Discrimination 

Rami: Identity Formation