Importing References into Covidence

Exporting Citations Directly from CINAHL to Covidence

Generally, we do not recommend that you export references directly from a database into Covidence. Citation managers such as F1000 and Endnote have much more powerful deduplication features, so putting your citations in a reference manager first will ensure that you don't import duplicates into Covidence. But if you do need to export references directly from CINAHL into Covidence for some reason, the instructions on this page will show you how.

For Smaller Sets of Results

Run your search exactly as you want it.  You will need an RIS file from CINAHL to import into Covidence. Depending on the number of results, you can save articles two ways.  Either way you will first go to the Share menu on the right side of the results column.

If it is a small number of results, you can add them to the folder in bunches.  If you click on Page Options and change the Results per page to 50, you can send 50 at a time to the folder. 

change page options to 50

Once they are in the folder, click “Folder View in the column to the right of the results. On the next screen, choose “Direct Export in RIS Format” in the right column. 

Select Direct export to RIS

Then click Save in the left column.

Click save


For Larger Sets of Results

 If you have a large number of results, go to the bottom of the Share menu and select “Email a link to download exported results.” 

select share email results to self

Select the RIS format in the right column.  Enter your email, and in a few minutes, you should receive your file from