Organize and Describe Your Information and Materials: Home

HSL can meet your information organization, knowledge management and metadata needs.

What We Do

The Health Sciences Library has staff with the skills and expertise to help with a variety of information organization needs. Contact Lee Richardson to learn more about how HSL can help.

Some Services We Offer

  • Metadata for data management plans
    • Description of your data to aid other researchers to discover your data
    • Creation of a metadata strategy that meets your data management needs and the requirements of a data management plan
  • Keywords and descriptive elements for journal articles
    • Documenting key elements of a work facilitates data exchange between authors, researchers, publishers and others in the scientific community
    • Many publishers now require metadata but don’t always provide good guidance on what metadata to use
  • Strategies to help readers discover your blogs, websites and social media
    • Develop a metadata strategy to find the right keywords and include them in the right places throughout your content
    • Use simple techniques to help search engines find your sites
    • Select appropriate terms to help others find you on LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr and other sites
  • Development of a taxonomy or controlled vocabulary to enhance search and retrieval of resources
    • Examples of projects
      • Your Health Radio
      • Cancer information website
      • Collection of School of Nursing posters
      • AIDS taxonomy
      • School of Public Health practicum taxonomy
  • Organize and describe collections of photos and other resources
  • Organize content in wiki environments
    • Develop a strategy to keep content organized and findable
      • Where should documents be kept?
      • What information should be on a separate page?
      • How should pages be organized based on needs of users?
      • How should pages be titled and tagged?
  • Cataloging and indexing a variety of content
  • Tagging resources such as blog posts and photographs