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Japan Studies Primary Sources: Literature

Literary sources

Anthologies of Japanese literature in translation:

 - a list of printed and digital collections of Japanese literature in translation available at UNC

Book Shelf of JapanKnowledge:

- contains the collections of "Toyo Bunko", "Japanese Classical Literature", and "Que sais-je?" among others.

Hathi Trust Digital Library:

- partnership of major libraries, Google, and Internet Archive providing millions of fulltext books and volumes of journals and other serials covering all subject and in many languages.

Open access sources

a free database of Japanese literary works comprising several thousands of fiction and non-fiction titles These include out-of-copyright books or works that the authors wish to make freely available.

Japanese Text Initiative JIT

-  a collaborative effort by the University of Virginia and University of Pittsburgh, this online collection contains texts from Japan's pre-modern and modern periods.

J-TEXTS 「日本文学電子図書館」

- a collection of Japanese literary and historical works, such as the "Tale of Heike" (Heike Monogatari), the Taiheiki, and the "Records of the Tokugawa Family" (Tokugawa Jikki)

Japanese Text Initiative  (JTI) 日本語テキストイニシアティヴ

-A comprehensive online database of Japanese literary texts. Sponsored by the University of Virginia and the University of Pittsburgh East Asian Library, the online collection contains over 300 texts from Japan's pre-modern and modern periods.

Rare materials

In Wilson Library:

Ehon Nankōki 「繪本楠公記」, an illustrated chronicle of the life of a 14th-century warrior, Kusunoki Masashige, published in 1800 (1,2,3)

Kibyōshi yonjisshu 「黄表紙四十種」, forty illustrated storybooks (kibyōshi 黄表紙)

Keijō shōran - Kyōto meguri 「京城勝覧・京都めぐり」, an illustrated travel guide to Kyoto published in 1784

Nihon sankai meisan zue 「日本山海名産図会 」, an illustrated compendium in five volumes on agricultural and animal resources in Japan and their processing

The fourth volume of Morokoshi meishō zue 「唐土名勝図会」, a five-volume illustrated set on China's famous places of scenic beauty authored by Okada Gyokuzan in 1806

Edo machi hitori annai 「江戸町」独案内」, an address book and travel guide to the shogunal capital, published in 1842

Goningumi oshiokichō「五人組御仕置帳」, the 1823 register containing information about the goningumi (five-family system), a self-governing body of mutual surveillance instituted by the Tokugawa shogunate in the 1620s to administer authority at the local level.

放生よろこび草 / Hōjō yorokobi gusa

Open Access Sources:

Japanese Illustrated Books from the Edo and Meiji Periods a collection of over 1000 volumes previously owned by Charles Lang Freer and currently hosted at the Freer|Sackler Library (Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC).