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Subject Specialty: Dentistry, Anesthsiology

Research: Systematic Review Searches; EBP Education; Usability of Library Tools, Publication Analysis & Bibliometrics;

Reference Management Tools: EndNote, Refworks, Mendeley, F1000W.


Kate is Assistant Department Head for User Services and the HSL Liaison to the School of Dentistry.

Kate's interest in the intersection between information skills and quality dental care started when she worked as a dental laboratory technician in a private dental practice while earning her Masters in Library Science.

Kate's current research interests include systematic review searching and reporting, the usability of online resources, and how information resources are used by researchers and clinicians.

MA, Ecumenical Institute of Theology, St. Mary's Seminary
MLS, College of Information Studies, University of Maryland

Guides Authored by Kate McGraw

Dentistry Guides

  • Dentistry
    This guide organizes selected databases, journals, electronic books and web sites useful for dental staff, students and faculty.
  • Evidence Based Dentistry
    Defines the 5 steps of evidence based practice, basic study designs and how to search for high quality evidence for clinical practice.
  • PubMed for Dental Research
    This tutorial uses dental topics to demonstrate basic PubMed search techniques. Includes information for UNC Chapel Hill affiliates on how to find the full-text of articles.

Other Guides

Publications and Conference Presentations

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