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Digital Literacy Concepts: Home

Information about concepts related to digital literacy.

Concepts to Help Develop Digital Literacy

Important concepts in digital literacy

The guides below explain some of the basic principles of effective audio and video production. For additional information and help, check the links on the right side of the page (under the How-To Guides & More tab).


  • Framing and Composition: Click here for an overview of important concepts and techniques for effective visual composition.
  • Montage: Click here for a video guide on the different types of montage and examples of how they might be used.
  • White Balance: Learn more about color temperature and white balance.
  • Sound: Learn more about cinematic sound, audio polar patterns, and microphone types.
  • Lighting: Information about three-point lighting and the MDC light kits
  • Digital Literacy Resources: Links to public domain media collections, fair use information, and resources on teaching media

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