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Digital Literacy Concepts: Home

Information about concepts related to digital literacy.

Concepts to Help Develop Digital Literacy

These guides cover the basic principles necessary to create audio and video media projects. Use the tabs above to select your desired information, or use the links to the right to find other MDC "How-To" guides.

Framing and Composition

  • Covers several concepts related to setting up good looking shots


  • This page covers video montage and relational editing

White Balance

  • Discusses white balance and associated camera settings


  • Review of audio concepts and microphones


  • Information about 3 point lighting and the MDC light kits

Digital Literacy Resources

  • Links to public domain media collections, fair use information, and resources on teaching media




Diagram illustrating the rule of thirds for images.     Diagram showing the pickup pattern of a shotgun microphone.   Diagram showing 3 point lighting arrangement.



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