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Digital Literacy Projects: Home

Information about a few types of digital literacy projects.

Common Audio and Video Projects

These guides cover some common media projects. Use the tabs at the top to view different projects, or the links to the right to view other MDC help pages.

Creating a Podcast

  • Create great sounding podcasts using these techniques

Anatomy of a Scene

  • Learn about capturing and editing video, and adding voiceover tracks

TED Talk

  • Dive into multi-cam recording and editing

Recording an Interview

  • Frame your subjects well, and get great audio

Adobe CC Express

  • Use Adobe CC Express to craft your story

WordPress Site

Online Portfolio

  • Learn about a variety of tools you can use for your portfolio


  • Discover design tips for creating great presentations

Magazine Article

  • Design a magazine article that will grab any reader's attention

Academic Poster

  • Make your poster stand out from the crowd using these tips


  • Make stunning visuals and bring the story of your data to life