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Digital Literacy Projects: Recording an Interview

Information about a few types of digital literacy projects.

Why and How

Things you will learn:

  • Connect and use a wireless lavalier microphone to record audio.

  • Adjust recording levels and mic inputs to capture audio with precision.

  • Apply the rule of thirds to frame a composition.

Materials Needed:

​Digital audio recorders and lavalier microphones are recommended, and when the MDC can lend equipment again we have a variety of options available. Phones, laptops, USB mics or other available items can also certainly work. Feel free to reach out to for equipment questions.

Worksheet for storyboarding your interview:

Equipment Setup:

This video demonstrates how to set up and connect a wireless lavalier microphone to your cameras and talent.

Best Practices for Recording

This video demonstrates best practices for attaching a lavalier microphone to your talent and using the rule of thirds when framing subjects within your composition.