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Digital Literacy Projects: TED Talk

Information about a few types of digital literacy projects.

Why and How

Things you will learn:

  • Set up and record a presentation using multiple cameras to capture video and audio.
  • Use a wireless lavalier microphone to record audio.
  • Synchronize and edit clips from multiple cameras in one Adobe Premiere project.
  • Use the rolling edit tool for precision editing between camera perspectives.
  • Export an Adobe project file into a finished composition ready for publication.

Materials and Software Needed:

Multiple cameras and lavalier microphones are recommended. When the MDC is able to lend equipment again we have a variety of options available. For equipment questions, feel free to reach out to

Adobe Premiere Pro. Available in the MDC Media Lab. Free download available for UNC Students:

YouTube account for uploading finished product:

WordPress Blog for posting finished product:

Storyboard Worksheet (Multi-camera) for planning your TED Talk:

Engage your audience; capture quality audio on one camera using a lavalier mic; shoot from wide, medium and close-up angles; follow the 180 degree rule

Press record on all cameras, then clap hands (helps sync audio later); keep your files organized and named uniquely; shoot all footage at same resolution