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Getting Started in the Media Lab: The Audio Lab

Guide to basic Media Lab information

The Audio Lab

Our audio lab is equipped with a Lenovo desktop, which houses an array of digital editing software, including Audition and Reason 10, allowing everybody from the beginner to the pro to create music from the ground up.


This page explains how to configure and use the hardware and equipment in the MDC Audio Lab

Audio lab setup with microphones and keyboard

Audio Lab Hardware Configuration

If you need help with anything, or would like to adjust the audio lab configuration for your specific needs please consult the Media Lab Attendant.

Audio configuration: 

Output = Scarlett 6i6 USB

Input = Yeti Stereo Microphone OR Scarlett 6i6 USB

General Notes

  • The large silver volume dial on the Scarlett audio interface will control the speaker volume. You can also connect headphones to the Scarlett interface hear any audio playback coming from the computer.
  • The Blue Yeti microphone is used for audio input. It connects to the computer via a USB cable attached to the bottom of the mic. You can also connect headphones to the bottom of the mic to monitor your recording.
  • On the back of the Yeti mic, you can adjust the recording level with the gain dial and switch pickup patterns. Cardioid is a good default for podcast/voice recordings. 
  • On the front of the mic, you can adjust your headphone volume and use the mute bottom to toggle recording on/off.