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Getting Started in the Media Lab: Get Creative Cloud

Guide to basic Media Lab information

Download Adobe Creative Cloud Software

Download Adobe Creative Cloud

With a working Onyen account, UNC students and staff can download Adobe Creative Cloud for free through UNC ITS Software Distribution

Students can consult the guide below for directions on ordering, downloading, and installing Adobe Creative Cloud applications on a personal computer.

From the ITS Software Distribution page: 

  • Select "Get Creative Cloud"

  • Choose "Student Order"

  • Under Student Shopping, click "Shop as a Student"

  • Search for "Creative Cloud"

  • Add Creative Cloud to your cart

  • Checkout to complete your order

  • ITS will notify you via email when your Adobe account is ready

After installing Adobe CC and launching the program, use your UNC email and Onyen password to log in and complete activation. At this point you should be all set to download your favorite Adobe CC apps and start creating!

If you are experiencing login issues or “Trial Expiration” errors, follow this link to download the Limited Access Repair Tool available for both Windows and Mac systems.

Still need help with installation or setup? Visit ITS Software Distribution for more information.