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Publishing or Converting Media: Convert Formats

Information about publishing content, or converting formats and file types.

Converting Video File Formats

Convert DVD or Windows Media Files to MP4

Open Handbrake

  1. Select a file to open and convert. If you are not prompted to open a file, select "Open Source" in the panel at the top left of HandBrake and choose a file. 
  2. Drag the "Constant Quality" slider so that the RF value is between 20 and 22.
  3. In the "Destination" field, choose where to save the file and give it a name. Click the drop arrow next to the "Save As" box for more options.
  4. If you want to convert a portion of the DVD, select Chapters, Seconds or Frames from the drop-down menu and then the duration to convert.
  5. Press the green "Start" button in the top left menu, or choose "Add to Queue."
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 until all the files you want to convert are in the queue. Then select "Show Queue" and press "Start" in the queue window. The Handbrake window pop-up


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