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Publishing or Converting Media: Adobe Spark

Information about publishing content, or converting formats and file types.

Create and Share Media Online With Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark worksheet

Adobe Spark is a quick and easy way to make attractive media projects, and create and share visual stories that will wow your audience on any device. It is possible to create social media posts and graphics, web pages, and videos using Spark. We've helped folks create awesome projects with Spark such as:

  • Posters
  • Basic Infographics
  • Multimedia Visual Narratives
  • Presentations

Learn more with the handout to the right and the video below, or get help with the online click-to-create software on the Spark Support Page.

Additionally, Spark offers a great Inspiration gallery to help you get started, and an incredibly useful blog that features tips on things like branding, content and social marketing, design principles and visual storytelling, and even tips and tricks for using Adobe Spark.

If you're interested in using Spark Page as a presentation tool, you may also want to take a look at this Presentation Design Guide and Planning Worksheet, and apply some of those same concepts to your page.

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