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MEJO 440: Digital Media Law and Society


After you've watched the video, revise your paper topic as follows:

  • Divide your topic into two or three major concepts. Example:
    • law AND privacy AND social media
  • Come up with 2-3 synonyms for each of the major topics, where feasible. Example:
    • law OR legal 
    • privacy OR protected speech
    • social media OR social network* OR Facebook OR twitter
  • If you're a visual person, put those terms into a Venn diagram below.

We will discuss this in class on Thursday!

Top Tips

  • Develop synonyms for your primary search terms.
  • Use truncation / wildcard * to get more results. Examples:
    • Read* = read, reading, reader, readership
    • Magazine* = magazine, magazines
  • Combine additional search terms with OR.

Creating Good Search Terms

Venn Diagram

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