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Middle Eastern Music: Digital Projects

Digital Projects

Umm Kulthum: Her Life and Legacy (1898-1975)

This is a valuable website dedicated to the life and career of the legendary Egyptian singer. Her life story, from rural village to international star, spans the era of technological innovations, and the political upheaval of the Egyptian Revolution and provides an entry point for developing deeper historical and cultural understandings of the region.

Yalli Zar’atu Lburtuan

This is an interactive online tool for teaching a popular song by composer/musician Mohammad Abdel Wahab (1907-1991), a contemporary of Umm Kulthum. It can be used by students and teachers to appreciate Arab music, or it can be used by educators to teach Arabic lyrics, diction, rhythms, and instrumentals.

The website has several interactive features to serve various educational needs.

Iraqi Maqam

Blog on Iraqi maqam, includes historical documentation of performers & musicians, as well as bibliography of resources.

Persian Music

The Fabari School is a commercial web site but contains extensive information on the history and styles of Persian music. There is also information about Persian musical instruments and prominent performers who are associated with them.

"The Golhā ('Flowers of Persian Song and Music') comprise 1400 radio programs consisting of approximately 886 hours of programs broadcast over a period of 23 years - from 1956 through 1979" contains MP3s, videos, and podcasts of contemporary Persian and Iranian songs

Turkish Music

The Turkish Music Portal was developed by the Turkish Cultural Foundation to preserve and promote Turkish culture and heritage world-wide.

The site contains extensive background on the history and types of Turkish music, performers, instruments, and listening samples.