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Middle Eastern Music: Sound Recordings

UNC Library Holdings of Sound Recordings

In addition to the streaming audio databases, UNC Chapel Hill owns many sound recordings of music from Middle Eastern countries that can be checked out from the Music Library. Search for them in the library catalog on keywords:

For example:  "music middle east" or "music [country name]"

  • Add terms to narrow the search results to particular people, countries, events, etc.
  • Refine your search results to "Audio" and make a note of the call number and location (Music Library, Media & Design Center, etc).
  • Sound recordings housed in the Music Library can be checked out for 7 days

Some examples to browse:

Music Armenia Music Syria Songs Arabic
Music Egypt Music Turkey Sufi Music
Music Iran Sephardic music Umm Kulthūm

Streaming Music

Alexander Street Press World Music

This resource of thousands of streamed audio albums and tracks can be accessed from on- or off-campus.

You can create playlists and download tracks, albums or playlists to your mobile device (for 48 hours)

Here are video tutorials on how to search in the database, use the video and audio players, create video and audio clips, and create playlists.