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2021 - PHCY 504 - Primary and Secondary Literature Tutorial: Managing Information

Created by Health Science Librarians

Citation Managers: Sciwheel (formerly F1000 Workspace)

Once you have found articles that you may want to reference, you can save them using a citation manager. You can use a citation manager to organize your references, sift through a large set of references to determine which ones are relevant to your topic, and format your citations when you write your final paper.

There are three citation managers that are supported by the Health Sciences Library and either available to you as a UNC affiliate or freely available: EndNote, SciWheel, and Zotero

SciWheel is a good choice for student projects, as it is free to you at UNC, works through a web browser (making collaboration easy), and will work with documents in Google Drive, making it easy to share references and documents.


Registration & Set-up

Check Captcha I am not a Robot box before activating Create Free Account button

If the "I'm not a robot" /reCAPTCHA check box does not appear when registering from off campus, you can do one of the following

  • Register from on campus, instead (VPN from off campus will not work)
  • OR you can sign up from off campus for the free/Basic account at using your regular UNC email, then log off (use pull down menu next to the circle with your initials near the top right) and re-log on from the special link on UNC HSL's website < >  to associate your account with UNC.

  • You can check that your account is now a UNC Institutional account, by using the pull down menu as above to go to "Account" and then using the menu on the left to go to "Subscription" to check. You may also want to select "Proxy Settings" from the left-hand menu to check that it has this as the Proxy URL:$@ .  If not, copy and paste it in (no need to go to the link, just cut and paste it into the box).


  • OR, if necessary, you can sign up from off campus for the free/Basic account at using your regular UNC email, then Email for HELP (Sciwheel) or use the blue chat button with the smile within Sciwheel to let them know what happened and to ask for their help connecting your account to UNC's institutional account

Registration/Sign-in Helps

Always sign in from the library website link: 

  • If the "I'm not a robot" /reCAPTCHA check box does not appear when registering from off campus, follow the special instructions in the Registration & Set-up box.

Use your UNC email address when registering for the first time to assure you are signed up for the full, institutional account (this is free to you). It is best to use your primary account rather than an alias. You can check for your primary account at under "My Aliases."  You can also try if you have trouble. 

You will create your own password. 

Set Up: Browser Extension, Word Plugin,Google Docs add-on

  • Once your Sciwheel loads (after you register), you will see “Tools” near the top right.  Use that to install the browser extension for each browser you use plus the Word add-in (and the optional Google Docs add-on, if you'd like).  
    • The browser extension is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, Opera and Safari 6 onwards. We understand the Windows 10 Edge browser is now compatible. Browser extension guide
    • Mobile apps are available for iOS and Android via their App stores.Search Sciwheel.
    • Download and install the Word 365 add-in. Sciwheel Word 365 add-in guide. This add in works best with Office 2019 forward, both online and desktop versions for windows and Mac. 
      • If you are already currently using the original Word plugin you may continue to do so, although it will no longer be supported as of August 2021. Word plugin guide
      • You may have both versions installed; however, select just one to use in any document - they are not interchangeable.
    • Optional: 
  • The Desktop app used to download together with the original Word plug-in.  It is no longer available with the new Word 365 add-in. desktop app guide and installation
    • Use tool "gear" on desktop app for Activating the Watch Folder, if desired, or changing its location.  All .pdf's (under 100mb) added to the watch folder automatically import to your reference list as long as they are smaller than 100MB.  .
  • Email for HELP (Sciwheel) or use the blue chat button with the smile within Sciwheel. 
    • Sciwheel support has been very responsive.  

Importing References

Click Import References in your Workspace, then select the appropriate option. You can do the following (access links below for details): 

  • import PDFs or RIS, BIB and EndNote XML files,
  • add references using a DOI, PMID (PubMed ID) or ISBN
  • or select the Manual entry option.
  • Alternatively you can import from Google Drive, Dropbox, Mendeley or Zotero by entering your login details.

Access Full Text Articles via Proxy Server

To Find Proxy Settings Information from Within Sciwheel:

  • Sign in to Sciwheel 
  • Click HELP button top right (from Dashboard, References, or Feeds)
  • Select “Managing References” category on the left
  • Scroll down and select “Accessing full text articles via a proxy server”

A proxy server allows you to access articles as if you were inside your institution. Your proxy URL might already have been set automatically.

Alternatively, you can insert UNC's proxy server information manually:  F1000 account menu

  • Sign in to Sciwheel 
  • Click your initials in the top right corner (from Dashboard, References, or Feeds page).
  • Click My Account in the menu that appears
  • Navigate to the Proxy settings section. You can insert the Proxy URL for UNC here.
    • UNC Chapel Hill:$@
      • ​Note that you do not click on or navigate to this URL--you enter it as the proxy URL setting as described above. 
    • You can check for UNC’s and many others here:

F1000 Proxy settings

  • Be sure to click SAVE to keep the proxy code in your account.

The proxy code will allow the Institutional Access button on each article listing to function just like the Find@UNC button.  It will connect you to our subscriptions.  If you are unable to connect to an article, you may need to request the item through Interlibrary Loan.

The OLD Word Plugin (support discontinued as of August 31, 2021)

The Sciwheel Word plugin links any paper you are writing to your Sciwheel projects, references and notes. It allows you to easily insert citations, format your paper and search PubMed and Sciwheel recommendations, all without leaving Word.

NOTE: Although the old Word plug-in will continue to work, support for it is being discontinued as of August 31, 2021.  See information on this page for downloading, installing, and using the new Word 365 add-in available as of May, 2021.  WARNING: Do not use the two in the same document. Select one or the other. To convert citations from the old Word plug in to the new Word 365 add-in, see this conversion video.

To install the old Word plug-in from within Sciwheel (no longer available for download as of August 31, 2021):

  • Click on the Tools dropdown menu and select "Word plugin & desktop app"
  • Follow the instructions 

Help Guide: Word Plugin

  • Extensive FAQ's and Troubleshooting