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Pop-Ups: History & Bibliography

Guide to pop-up and movable books.


Web Resources:

A Concise History of Pop-up and Movable Books
A brief history of pop-ups by Ann R. Montanaro, a pop-up expert and founder of the Movable Book Society.

The Pop Up Lady 
The website of pop-up collector Ellen Rubin. In addition to the links below, the site also has an About Pop-ups section with numerous resources on pop-ups, including links to online exhibits, tips for care and repair, glossary of pop-up terms, and information on how pop-ups are made.



Volume 1: The first volume, published in 1993, contains a list of 1,600 titles of 19th and 20th century English language books containing movable illustrations, covering the period from the 1850's to 1991.

Volume 2: The second volume, published in 2000, provides an updated book list of titles produced between 1992 and 1997, and includes books published before 1992 that were not included in the 1993 edition.

Online supplement: This online index from 2008 supplements the printed volumes. (The index is arranged alphabetically and you need to click on an alphabet letter to pull up a list of titles beginning with that letter.) The titles include all of the English-language pop-up and movable books published between 1998 and 2007. Also included are works published prior to 1998 which were inadvertently omitted from the print versions.

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