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It is often helpful to search by subject heading and then limit by language or time period. Here are some examples of subject headings:

A couple sources for step #1 (to the right)


Social structure, social change, social organization, society, altruism and cooperation, sex roles/gender roles, stratification, family, parenting, social/group dynamics, social psychology, technology, economy, ideology, class, industry and industrial revolution, hunting, gathering, nomadic, clans, kinship, horticulture/agriculture, ethnography, ethnohistory

Research Process

  1. Browse through some broad sources about your society or theme
  2. Identify ideas and writings relevant to the class
  3. Follow citations and links out to more specific sources on these themes
  4. Search yourself for more specific sources on these by combining  keywords on themes and your society.  
  5. Are any of your questions un-answered?  Search further afield or seek help!

Core Databases

Think hard about what kinds of sources will contain information about your society.  We have sources based on geography, sources covering particular time periods, and discipline-specific sources.  

Audio and Visual

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