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ECON 490: Urban Economics: Home

What's in this guide?

This webpage has resources to help you successfully complete your presentation assignment in Urban Economics.

Finding A Source

You can find academic articles, books, documentaries, and more at the library.

Academic Articles

Search in these databases to find academic articles. Watch this video for tips on searching EconLit and Academic Search Premier.

Books, Ebooks & Audiobooks from the Library

You can search the library catalog directly from this search box, or browse the searches linked below the box.

Advanced Search | New Books | WorldCat


Use smart Google searching to locate podcast episodes on particular topics. For example, Planet Money and Freakanomics are two popular economics podcasts. I can do a Google search for Planet Money episodes relating to Urban Economics like this: "urban site:".

Use the smart search shortcut "site:[URL]" in your keyword string to search the website/archive of your favorite economics podcast for episodes about urban economics topics.


Evaluating Your Source

Use the following resources & frameworks to help you evaluate the credibility of your chosen source. You can email Nancy with your questions.

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Nancy Lovas
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