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What is VR, AR, MR, and XR?

Virtual Reality (VR):
Enclosed experience that creates a perception of reality

Augmented Reality (AR):
Computer generated content on top of real world

Mixed Reality (MR):
Virtual objects interact with real objects and spaces

Extended Reality (XR):
The over-arching umbrella that includes VR, AR, and MR.

Related Terminology

Cinematic Reality (CR):
[also referred to as CVR Cinematic Virtual Reality] Envisioned as a type of immersive VR experience where users explore synthetic worlds in 360 degrees, perhaps with stereoscopic views, and hear spatially-directed audio that reinforces the feeling of being in the CVR world

Heads Up Display or Head Mounted Display.

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping

Frames per Second. Also referred to as Frame Rate

Degrees of Freedom (DOF):
Usually found in statistics, mathematics, and physics, in the XR realm it refers to tracking of rotational motion. Devices can offer 3 DOF or 6 DOF

3 Degrees of Freedom (example of a device with 3DOF: Oculus Go):

  • Pitch – tilting of the head forward and backward on the X axis
  • Yaw – turning of the head right and left on the Y axis
  • Roll – tilting of the head side to side on the Z axis

6 Degrees of Freedom (example of a device with 6DOF: Oculus Quest):

  • The 3 degrees noted above and...
  • Sway – move left to right on the X axis
  • Heave – move up and down on the Y axis
  • Surge – move forward and backward on the Z axis

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