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Full-text Articles via Find @ UNC: Find @ UNC in PubMed

Find @ UNC in PubMed

Always connect to PubMed from UNC-CH library pages so you will see the Find @ UNC button.

Find @ UNC button

When you retrieve more than one article, the Find @ UNC button does not appear in PubMed's default display.

To see more information about an individual article:

  • Click on the article title link.

PubMed Basic Search Example

  • The Find @ UNC button is in the upper right-side of the screen when you view an individual article's abstract.

Find @ UNC Individual Article

To see more information about all the articles

  • Change the Display Settings to Abstract for all the articles in the results set. Click on the Display Settings link, select Abstract, and then click on the Apply button.

PubMed Display Settings Options

  • The Find @ UNC button will be at the bottom of each abstract.

PubMed Article Record in Abstract Dispaly

Use the Find @ UNC button to go to the online article. When you are off-campus you will be prompted to enter your Onyen / Password the first time you go to a full-text article.

When the article is not available online you will be taken to a page that has links to other options to get the article. You can search the catalog to see if the article is available in a print journal in one of the campus libraries. When the article is not owned by campus libraries, you can request it using Interlibrary Loan.

Find @ UNC

Click on the Find @ UNC button button in database results to:


Access Information

On Campus Access: Electronic resources are accessible on-campus. Faculty, students and staff must register personal laptops and mobile devices with UNC Chapel Hill ITS.

UNC Hospitals Access: Electronic resources are available via the Library website by logging in with your Onyen. Note: UpToDate is available within EPIC.

Off Campus Access: Access resources off-campus via the Library website by logging in with your Onyen. Most electronic resources are accessible off-campus to students, faculty, and staff, including UNC Hospitals' staff.

Learn about off-campus access IDs.

Report an off-campus access or hospital access problem.

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