Full-text Articles via Find @ UNC: Find @ UNC in PubMed

Find @ UNC in PubMed

PRO TIP: Always connect to PubMed from UNC Library websites so you will see the Find @ UNC button.  Find @ UNC button

When you retrieve more than one article, the Find @ UNC button does not appear in PubMed's default display.

To see more information about an individual article:

  • Click on the article title link to see an individual article's citation page.

Pubmed interface with arrow pointing at title of article

  • The Find @ UNC button is in the upper right-side of the screen when you view an individual article's abstract.

Article's citation page with blue Find@UNC button in upper right corner

To see more information about all the articles

  • Use the Summary drop down to change the Format to Abstract for all the articles in the results set. The Find @ UNC button will be at the bottom of each abstract.

In the Display Options menu to the upper right of the search results, select Format: Abstract to see all available abstracts for your results list.

Use the Find @ UNC button to go to the online article. When you are off-campus you will be prompted to enter your Onyen / Password the first time you go to a full-text article.

When the article is not online via Find @ UNC, a page with other ways to get the article is displayed.

It is always worth trying a quick Google search to see if the article is freely available. Find @ UNC is not able to point to all of those and we are consistently surprised  by what we find freely available online.

Find @ UNC

Click on the Find @ UNC button button in database results to:

  • Go directly to most online articles
  • Export article citations to Endnote or to formats for other reference managers
  • Use Google Scholar or the Google Scholar Button browser add-in to find free full text.
  • Search the UNC-CH Library Catalog to find the print journal
  • Send an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) request if the journal is not owned by UNC-CH

Access Information

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UNC Hospitals Access: Always use links from Library websites. Onyen log-in is required when you first select the resource. Note: UpToDate is available within EPIC.

Off Campus Access: Always use links from Library websites. Onyen log-in is required when you first select the resource. Most electronic resources are accessible off-campus to students, faculty, and staff, including UNC Hospitals' staff.

Learn about off-campus access IDs.

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