GIS & Data Services Software Guide: GIS Software

This guide provides information on how to access and use GIS and Statistics software. Much of this information is about licensed products, therefore it is geared towards current affiliates of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

GIS Software

  • GIS Software is available in Davis Library on the public computers in the Davis Library Research Hub, located on the 2nd floor of Davis Library.
  • Open Source GIS: OSGeo is a great place to start.  Popular open source GIS applications for the desktop include GRASS and QGIS.

ArcGIS Online

Through the UNC system site license with Esri, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has an organizational account for ArcGIS Online. ArcGIS Online is a fee-based service, and services are paid for with credits.  UNC’s institutional account receives a limited number of accounts and a set number of credits each year.
If you would like an account please contact a GIS Librarian. 
Important information about our ArcGIS Online institutional account:
Credits are renewed each summer.  We cannot limit or partition credit usage.  In the event that we run out of credits we will request more from Esri.  In the interim, there may be a disruption in service. 
Information about the costs for services is available here.

Most users will be assigned roles that do not allow "expensive" activities such as geocoding*, uploading, storing and accessing large data sets, data enrichment, and report generation. 

*Geocoding can be done in ArcGIS Desktop using roads data sets and address locators from Esri.  The Texas A&M Geocoder offers another easy alternative, as does SmartyStreets.  We have an account for SmartyStreets.  Contact a GIS Librarian for assistance.

Getting Started with ArcGIS Online:

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