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Company & Industry Research: Bloomberg Terminal

All Four Bloomberg Videos

Watch four short videos on how to use the Bloomberg terminal for MEJO students.

Finding Company Data in the Bloomberg

Find your company

  • Type company name or ticker symbol at the top left of the screen to see your company in a list.
  • Select your company from the list. It will be listed in the second half of the screen, under 'Securities'.

Then type one or more of the following commands:

Analyst recommendations

  • Type: ANR for one-word recommendation (buy, sell, hold, etc.)
  • Type: BRC for 1-4 page reports by independent analysts. Download as pdf.

BI = Bloomberg intelligence

  • Independent, unbiased research by Bloomberg analysts
  • Offers macro drivers, industry info. Compares data between companies 
  • 94 <go> to turn off sidebar so can see more data

RV= Relative Valuation

  • Compares industry information and market share of companies and their competitors

EE = Earnings & Estimates

  • Data based on Bloomberg analysts' research

General tip: type GRAB to email graphic image of screen.

Reserve the Bloomberg

The Bloomberg Terminal (computer) at the Park Library is available for reservation.

Citing the Bloomberg

Citing the Bloomberg in APA

citing Bloomberg in MLA

prepared by Stephanie Willen Brown, 04/17/14.