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Searching PsycINFO

When searching for empirical articles, you can search by terms, or keywords, related to your hypothesis. For example, if you were interested in the impact of gratitude on happiness, you may start with this basic search for happiness AND gratitude, each in a separate search box:

a screenshot of a PsychINFO search demonstrating happiness AND gratitude search terms

Perhaps there is a scholar working in your area of interest. You can search by author using the "AU Author" drop-down option (with the format: "last name, first name or first initial").

a screenshot of a PsychINFO search demonstrating search by author name


You can also limit your search by Methodology in the advanced search. Look for the Methodology box in the bottom, right corner under "Limit your results."

a screenshot of a PsychINFO search displaying the Methodology box

The Writing Center

Visit UNC's Writing Center to make appointments, find writing tips, and access handouts useful for writing literature reviews and research papers.

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