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IBISWorld Industry Reports User Guide: Home


Many thanks to Griffin Powell for his work developing this user guide.

What is IBISWorld Industry Reports?

Industry reports are comprehensive accounts of a particular industry, containing a depth of information, facts and statistics

IBISWorld also provides company benchmarking reports.

How to Search for Industry & Company Reports

Search by keyword, industry, company, or NAICS code in the search bar on the IBISWorld homepage.

Example Industry Search: Mining

results for mining industry report search

The numbers next to the report titles are the NAICS code associated with the industry. The more digits in the number the more granular the industry.

Example Company Search: Exxon Mobile

results for company search for exxon

Navigating Industry & Company Reports

Industry and company reports share the same interface.

Search the report using the search bar on the right side. You may need to click the download icon in order to pull up the search bar.

download icon  -->  search report bar download report button download chapter button

Use the Contents menu on the left side of the page to view report sections.

industry report contents menu

Industry Report Key Features:

Find the supply chain diagram under "Competitive Forces" in the subtopic "Buyer & Supplier Power."

supply chain diagram

Call Preparation Questions provide insight into current issues and emerging trends that the industry is facing. Find this report section at the end of the Contents menu.

call preparation questions menu options

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