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PLCY 581 & 581H: Research Design for Public Policy

Remote research support & in-person library services

Keep up to date with the University Libraries Fall 2021 plans at the link above.

If you are hitting a paywall when trying to read an article...

  1. Try using our link builder. This adds a proxy to the URL that will prompt you for your onyen and password.
  2. Try clearing the cache in the web browser you are using. Close the browser completely and then open it back up to try the URL again.
  3. Send me an email at or chat with a librarian at 

Scholarly Articles

Is the article scholarly?

Anatomy of a Scholarly Article

Databases & Journals

Think Tank Reports

Find Policies

Research Design

Social Sciences Librarian

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Kristan Shawgo
Davis Library
UNC-Chapel Hill
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Selecting a policy issue

Writing & Citing


UNC Writing Center Offers online consultations. Check out their tips on writing a policy brief, literature reviews and conciseness.

What Makes a Good Research Question? Handout from Duke University's (yes, Duke) Thompson Writing Program Writing Studio. Has good guidelines for and examples of research questions in the social sciences, but much applies to the humanities as well.


APA Citations - UNC Library Guide and Purdue OWL

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