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If you are experiencing issues accessing digital files from the Special Collections and would like assistance, please contact our Research and Instructional Services team.

What is this guide for?

The Wilson Special Collections Library's collections include digital materials acquired from wide variety of formats and stored in a few locations. This guide provides tips and troubleshooting guidance for access to archived websites, social media data, and born-digital files. 

If you need assistance with Special Collections materials or if you have research questions, please contact our Research and Instructional Services team. Thank you!

This guide offers technical and access information related to:

If you are looking for the Libraries' digitized collections, please visit our Digital Collections page.

Student Assistant Contributors

Thank You to the following graduate student assistants who coauthored this guide:

  • Jaffa Panken (2016-2018)
  • Miana Breed (2019)
  • Clare Carlson (2019)

LibGuide Author

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Jessica Venlet
Wilson Library | University Archives and Records Management