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Many thanks to Griffin Powell for his work developing this user guide.

What is BCC Research?

How to Search for Reports

The search bar is located at the top of the page. Use a keyword to begin your search,

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Search results for "Lasik":


Use search filters under "Refine Your Results" on the results page to narrow your results.

Let's say we only want to search for the most recent reports. Check the "Most Recent" option in the search filters list.



How to Read a Report: Example

Example Report: LASIK Eye Surgery Devices Market (available here with ONYEN log-in).

Report Landing Page:

screenshot of lasik eye surgery devices report homepage

Navigate to report sections using the table of contents. Download options include MS Word, Excel, and PDF.

Here are two examples of using the report to answer questions about this industry:

1. In millions, what is the net revenue of the ZEISS Group in 2022?

Find information about the ZEISS Group in the Company Profiles section. Table 40 in the example report gives 2022 financials in millions of dollars for ZEISS Group. In 2022, their net revenue was $9,352 million.

2. Is Europe the largest market share region?

Open the chapter "Market Breakdown by Region." Scrolling down to Figure 17, we see that Europe is NOT the largest market for LASIK. It is, however, the second largest market - right behind North America. 

screenshot of pie chart showing global market shares of lasik laser devices by region in 2022

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