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Beat Generation Materials at Wilson Special Collections Library: Beats Collections

Print and Archival Special Collections

Wilson Library's Beats Collection contains over 4,000 individually cataloged items. Click here to access descriptions of all items in the collection. It is important to note that not all materials at Wilson Library relating to Beat writers is contained in this collection. Please see the "Primary Sources about Beat Writers" section of this guide for more complete lists of materials for major Beat writers. Items included in the Beats Collection are:

Other collections at Wilson Library relating to the Beats include:

The Diane Di Prima Papers, 1955-2008: The collection contains the correspondence, writings, notebooks, printed materials and notes, audio-visual material, and other items of Diane Di Prima.

The Edie Parker Kerouac and Henri Cru papers, 1883-2004: The collection consists of the personal papers, photographs, scrapbooks, and publications of Edie Parker, Jack Kerouac's first wife, and the personal papers, photos, and scrapbook of Kerouac's prep-school friend, Henri Cru.

Gregory Corso's Poems and Drawings, 1960s: The collection is a spiral-bound notebook of handwritten poems and drawings signed by the author. The front cover is marked "1974 Corso Poems from 1960's." About thirty pages include writing or drawings.

The Cid Corman Letters, 1971-1972: The collection consists of 17 letters, 2 July 1971-11 April 1972, from Cid Corman, Utano, Kyoto, Japan, to poet Ted Enslin, Temple, Maine.

Poetry readings, film and theatrical shows, exhibitions, book announcements and other events : posters, programs and announcements, 1964-2003: The collection contains posters, programs, and announcements (broadsides, clippings, etc.) of poetry readings, film and theatrical shows, exhibits, book announcements, and other events relating to various Beats.