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BIOL 423L: Lab Experiments in Genetics

Mendeley Reference Manager

Mendeley is a free reference management system that allows you to collect, manage, cite, create groups, and share research.  Mendeley works with Microsoft Word and inserts citations into research papers and creates bibliographies from the citations.

Adding References

Download and add the Web Importer bookmarklet.

  1. Save the bookmarklet following the instructions per your web browser
  2. Find an article in one of the databases
  3. Click the Mendeley bookmarklet
  4. Review the metadata details and "save"

Here are a few more ways to add references to Mendeley.

Syncing with Mendeley Online

Saving your Mendeley Library online allows you to access your citations from anywhere.

  • Go to the Mendeley website and sign in to your account
  • Open up your Mendeley Desktop
  • Choose "Sync Files" in your Desktop toolbar
  • Your desktop and your online libraries are now synced, remember to continue to sync the libraries every time you make changes. Syncing is not automatic.

Cite in MS Word

To install the Mendeley Plugin you need to first close Word and then on Mendeley Desktop go to Tools > Install MS Word Plugin.

Mendeley will appear in MS Word References tab.

For instructions and screenshots, see the Mendeley Library Guide.

Journal Abbreviations for specific citation styles can be found under the "View - Citation Style" menu of your Mendeley desktop toolbar.

More Help

Search FAQ's on Mendeley's support site.

Visit Mendeley's Help Guides

For a more in-depth look at Mendeley's features, check out our Mendeley Library Guide.

Mendeley Citation Editor Instructions

Find and Edit CSL Styles

Finding Resources for your Paper

Where to start?

Find scholarly research material

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