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"Burnout, Professional" [MeSH]: Test Your Burnout

A Toolkit to accompany presentation at MAC 2017

Created by Health Science Librarians

Holcomb 2007

  • Do thoughts of what you will face when you reach work on Monday dampen your enjoyment of your time at home on the weekend?
  • Are you working longer while feeling you’ve accomplished less than you should?
  • Do you think that no one at work appreciates the contributions you make?
  • Do you find that most of your time at work is spent on routine tasks that provide little challenge or sense of personal achievement?

Holcomb, J. M. (2007). Battling burnout. Law Library Journal, 99(3), 669-674.

Campbell 2008

  • Are you becoming more cynical, critical, and sarcastic at work?​
  • Are you losing the ability to feel joy?​
  • Are you dragging to work and having trouble getting started?​
  • Are you more irritable and less patient with co-workers or library patrons?​
  • Are you feeling that there are insurmountable barriers at work?​
  • Are you lacking the energy to be consistently productive?​
  • Are you no longer feeling satisfaction from your achievements?​
  • Are you having a hard time laughing at yourself?​
  • Are you tired of co-workers asking if you're okay:

Campbell, K. (2008). The wonder woman syndrome: Burnout in libraries. Tennessee Libraries, 58(2), 1-4. 


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