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ROML 71 / ASIA 71 Asia in Iberian Converso Literature, 1500s-1650s: Books

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Finding Books

Subject searching for books in the Library's catalog is often best done by beginning with a Keyword Search . Start with a Keyword Search and identify one or more relevant books. Then look at the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) given in the Full Records of those titles. You can follow the subject heading links in the catalog to find similar books, or you can use the terms in the subject headings to revise your search strategies.

Spain -- Colonies -- Asia -- History -- !6th century

Portugal -- Colonies -- Asia -- History

Portugal -- Colonies -- Administration -- History

Trafficking in enslaved persons -- Portugal -- History -- 17th century


*Note, works of fiction do not typically have a subject heading. The best way to find a work of fiction is by AUTHOR or TITLE.

Potential texts for your research

  1. Leonardo de Argensola, Discovery and Conquest of the Molucco and Philippine Islands.
  2. Pedro Chirino. The Philippines in 1600, translated by Ramón Echevarría.
  3. The Philippine Islands 1493-1803, edited and translated by Emma Helen Blair and James Alexander Robertson. This is multi-volume collections of primary sources.
  4. Luis Fróis, Striking Contrasts in the Customs of Europe and Japan
  5. João Rodrigues, Account of Sixteenth-Century Japan.
  6. Gil Vicente, Three Discovery Plays.
  7. Fernao Mendes Pinto, The Travels of Mendes Pinto.
  8. Diogo do Couto, Dialog of a Veteran Soldier.
  9. Garcia da Orta, Colloquies on the Simples and Drugs of India.
  10. Vasco da Gama, The Journal of the First Voyage.
  11. Antonio de Morga, The Philippine Islands
  12. Boxer Codex