Copyright Basics for the Health Sciences

Learn the basics of copyright law and the fair use guidelines from a health sciences perspective.


Question 1

Creators are currently required to register a work before copyright is in effect.



Question 2

Which of the following statements correctly describes copyright coverage?

 A. The copyright on a published book never expires.
 B. An unpublished article written last year is covered by copyright.
 C. Detailed research procedures are covered by copyright.
 D. A picture published on the web without a copyright notice is not covered by the law.


Question 3

You are creating a power point presentation that will published on the web. You did a Google search for an image and found something you think will enhance your presentation. What do you need to do to find out if you can reuse it?

 A. Look for reuse or licensing guidelines on the web site where you found the image and follow those.
 B. Cite the web page where you found the image.
 C. Include the copyright attribution that accompanied the image on the webpage.
 D. None of the above


Question 4

You find a good brochure about children’s vaccines on the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website. Can you print multiple copies to distribute at a health fair?



Question 5

You are leading a discussion in one of your classes. You want the class to read an article you found by searching PubMed and using the Find @ UNC link. What is the most convenient and copyright compliant way to share that article with the students in the class?

 A. Download the PDF and email it as an attachment to the other class members
 B. Photocopy the article and distribute it at the end of the previous class session
 C. Email the Find @ UNC link to the class members
 D. None of the above


Question 6

The Fair Use section of the Copyright Law allows reuse of copyrighted material for teaching, scholarship, and research. Which of the following statements is true about fair use?

 A. Anything can be photocopied for reuse by all the students in the same class
 B. Whether fair use is permissible is measured by four factors articulated in the law
 C. An entire recently published book can be scanned and shared on the web as long as it is behind a password
 D. None of the above


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