Copyright Basics for the Health Sciences

Learn the basics of copyright law and the fair use guidelines from a health sciences perspective.


Question 1

Creators are currently required to register a work before copyright is in effect.


Question 2

Which of the following statements correctly describes copyright coverage?


Question 3

You are creating a power point presentation that will published on the web. You did a Google search for an image and found something you think will enhance your presentation. What do you need to do to find out if you can reuse it?


Question 4

You find a good brochure about children’s vaccines on the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website. Can you print multiple copies to distribute at a health fair?


Question 5

You are leading a discussion in one of your classes. You want the class to read an article you found by searching PubMed and using the Find @ UNC link. What is the most convenient and copyright compliant way to share that article with the students in the class?


Question 6

The Fair Use section of the Copyright Law allows reuse of copyrighted material for teaching, scholarship, and research. Which of the following statements is true about fair use?