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Introduction to Data Management & Elements of a Plan: Home

A general introduction to what data management is, why it's important and some basics on how to write a plan to accomplish it.

About This Guide

This tutorial answers what and why questions about data management: 

  • What data management is and why it's important
  • What should go into writing a plan for it, and
  • A variety of resources and tools to help with the process.

For practical tips on how to write a data management plan, see the Templates/Examples section of the Research Data Toolkit.

Please email us at to report needed updates or if you have questions.

First, we’ll define what a data management plan is and funding agencies that require them.  Then we’ll discuss what should be included in a data management plan.  Finally, we’ll introduce you to campus resources you can consult while writing your plan, as well as tools you can use to write your plan.

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