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Introduction to Data Management & Elements of a Plan: Get Help

A general introduction to what data management is, why it's important and some basics on how to write a plan to accomplish it.

Library Data Services

Library Data Services caters to researchers interested in working with data, mapping, texts, visualization, and technology. Many of these services are available online. Davis Library Data Services, located on the second floor of Davis Library, offers:

  • A computing lab with specialized software for GIS and data visualization & analysis.
  • Walk-in assistance provided by knowledgeable student consultants during set hours
  • Consultations with specialists for more in-depth inquiries (by appointment).
  • Spaces for collaboration and presentation, complete with white boards and external displays.
  • Technology short courses and programs that promote digital scholarship.

Help in the UNC Libraries for Data Management

Contact with any data management question.  This list reaches a variety of experts across campus so your question will receive prompt attention from the person best situated to answer it.

In addition, you may reach out to specific resources:

Subject Librarians

Research librarians can help

  • Assess data management needs.
  • Identify metadata standards and discipline-specific repositories. 
  • Explain differences between repositories.

Request a consultation by emailing

Carolina Digital Repository (CDR)

UNC's institutional repository which provides persistent access to research materials for the UNC community.  It offers:

  • Each faculty and staff member at UNC at Chapel Hill has 2 TB of space for preservation of data and other scholarly outputs related to their work for free. Students have 20 GB of space for free.
  • Consultations on data retention.
  • Consultations on generation of descriptive information (metadata).
  • Can assist with writing a data management plan if the CDR is indicated as the planned repository.

For more information, contact

Libraries Scholarly Communications Office

Staff are available for consultations about

  • Copyright
  • Open access, and
  • Other intellectual property issues.

Contact the staff to schedule an appointment.


Still have questions?

If you would like assistance creating your data management plan or did not find the information you needed here, please contact us at We provide guidance and resource referrals to help UNC faculty, staff and students with data management and developing their data management plans.

UNC federally funded researchers, for in-depth review and assistance creating your data management plans in compliance with federal requirements, contact UNC's Research Data Management Core for assistance.