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What Is Data Management & What Goes In a Plan?: Agency Guidelines

A general introduction to what data management is, why it's important and some basics on how to write a plan to accomplish it.

NSF Unit-Specific Plan Requirements

  • Directorates, Divisions, Offices or Programs
    • Some units of NSF have more specific guidance about data management
    • If guidance specific to the program is not available, then the requirements in the general plan guidelines apply
  • Individual program solicitations may have additional requirements

NIH Data Sharing Policy

  • One paragraph: How final research data will be shared, or explain why data sharing is not possible


  • Required for investigators seeking $500,000 or more in direct costs in any year


CDC's Data Release/Sharing Policy

CIO procedures must include:

  • Evaluation of data quality
  • Evaluation of risk of disclosing private/confidential information
  • Documentation
  • Disclosure statement
  • Obligations of non-CDC data users
  • Obligations of grantees, contractors, and partners

Implementation of CDC's Data Release/Sharing Policy

NEH Digital Humanities Implementation Grant

From the Office of Digital Humanities:

  • Applicants required to submit a data management plan as part of their proposals:
    • What data are generated by your research?
    • What is your plan for managing the data?
  • Requirements are largely based on those of the NSF's Directorate for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences
    • Roles and responsibilities
    • Expected data
    • Period of data retention
    • Data formats and dissemination
    • Data storage and preservation of access