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Plagiarism and Citing Sources (Health Affairs): Other Resources

Campus Resources

After completing this tutorial, you may still have questions about plagiarism and source citation. The following web resources may be consulted for further explanation.


Printable handout on plagiarism [PDF] A printable handout summarizing the information from this tutorial.

HSL Copyright Resources The Health Sciences Library offers these resources relating to plagiarism and academic integrity.

Ask a Librarian Any questions about plagiarism and related issues may also be addressed to HSL librarians. Fill out the form included in the link above and a librarian should get back with you promptly. You can also IM a librarian at the buddy name AskHSLChat.

Citing Sources and Writing Tools The Health Science Library has compiled a number of helpful resources for writing or citing your sources.


UNC Libraries Plagiarism Tutorial This tutorial created by the Undergraduate Library focuses on plagiarism.

UNC Office of Student Conduct This page offers more information on UNC Chapel Hill's honor code and how plagiarism is defined.

External Resources

Indiana University Writing Tutorial Services This handout gives tips on how to avoid plagiarism.  They also offer more examples of acceptable and unacceptable paraphrasing and quoting.

Purdue University OWL The Online Writing Lab at Purdue University offers tips for writing in all academic disciplines including writing in the Sciences. Also included is a special section on avoiding plagiarism in academic writing.

University of Texas at Arlington Acknowledging Sources This tutorial explains how to avoid plagiarism by properly acknowledging sources.

Xavier University Library This tutorial created by the Xavier University library includes information on plagiarism and academic dishonesty.

Credits and Feedback

This tutorial was created by staff at the UNC Health Sciences Library. Your comments and suggestions on this tutorial are welcome. Please send us your feedback at

Plagiarism Checkers

As of 2013, the Provost and faculty decided not to purchase campus-wide plagiarism checking software.  The following are examples of cost and free software available on the internet.

Caveats with free software:  Many free tools use web searching to identify plagiarism rather than comparing to other student papers.  Supposedly some free software will store and sell student papers.

Software Cost Description Website
TurnItIn institutional license only?

For faculty to check originality and quality of content.

iThenticate (by TurnItIn)

$100 for one submission up to 25,000 words

For published works/journals.  Available in institution or individual formats.

WriteCheck (by TurnItIn)

from $7.95 to $29.95

Plagiarism/grammar check for students. Single paper, semester plan, graduate plan.


Free copy and paste, $8/month for up to 50 uploads

Copy and paste (free) or upload (with subscription).  Gives location of plagiarism and links to check original sources.

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

Free, but must create account for detailed results like location of error.

Copy and paste at least a paragraph or upload a file to check for plagiarism and grammar. Free, but must create account for more details

Copy and paste text. Gives location of plagiarism but must create an account for more detail.

There are many other plagiarism softwares available online but not all are trustworthy.  Be sure to consider who your audience is (faculty and/or students), how the tools search (web search or comparing to a bank of papers), what the sites do with the papers you check, and if you want other grammatical/writing resources as part of the software you choose.

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