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Soviet newspapers: What newspapers existed in a particular Soviet republic, region, city, etc.?

General guides

Газеты в сети и вне её

Gazety v seti i vne ee is an online geographic index of newspapers from the Russian National Library.

Газеты СССР, 1917-1960: библиографический справочник

Gazety SSSR, 1917-1960: bibliograficheskii spravochnik. Moskva: Izdatel'stvo "Kniga", 1970-1984. This reference work includes major cities as well as town and regional newspapers, trade, military and transportation newspapers, but omits major high-circulation titles (and, of course, titles that appeared after 1960). Provides title(s), place of publication, language of publication,  dates of publications, and number of issues published, and associated organizations, but typically not frequency of publication.

Газетный мир Советского Союза, 1917-1970 гг.

Gazetnyi mir Sovetskogo Soiuza, 1917-1970 gg. Moskva: Izdatel'stvo Moskovskogo universiteta, 1972-1976. Two-volume encyclopedia of major Soviet national (volume 1), and republican, regional and some city newspapers (volume 2). Includes trade, labor union, industrial, agricultural, transport, military, medical, literary, sports, and anti-religious newspapers. In addition to standard bibliographic information, each entry provides the newspaper's history, including fluctuations in frequency and print runs, editorial changes, and list the major thematic sections of each publication. Many entries are quite detailed, many are several pages long.

  • Volume 1-2 in print via UNC University Libraries.

Specialized guides

Газеты первых лет советской власти, 1917-1922

Gazety pervykh let sovetskoi vlasti, 1917-1922. Moskva: Gosudarstvennaia biblioteka SSSR im. V.I. Lenina, 1990. Four-volume reference work that covers early Soviet newspapers newspapers held at libraries, archives and museums across the USSR.

Комсомольские газеты СССР, 1918-1969: библиографический указатель

Komsomol'skie gazety SSSR, 1918-1969: bibliograficheskii ukazatel'. Moskva: [publisher not identified], 1970. Only Part 1 of the reference work was published, listing Communist Youth newspapers from Moscow, Leningrad, and republic capitals.

  • Part 1 on microfilm via UNC University Libraries.

Несоветские газеты, 1918-1922 гг: каталог собрания Российской национальной библиотеки

Nesovetskie gazety, 1918-1922 gg: katalog sobraniia Rossiiskoi natsional'noi biblioteki. Sankt-Peterburg: Rossiiskaia natsional'naia biblioteka, 2003. Lists non-Soviet newspapers from the Civil War period which were omitted from Газеты СССР, 1917-1960 and other Soviet sources that are held at the Russian National Library. Provides titles(s), place of publication, dates of publication, frequency of publication, number of issues published, editors, and associated organizations. Includes index of places of publication.

Русские газеты периода 1917-1922 гг. в фондах Государственной библиотеки СССР имени Ленина

Russkie gazety perioda 1917-1922 gg. v fodakh Gosudarstvennoi biblioteki SSSR imeni Lenina. Moskva: Gosudarstvennaia biblioteka SSSR im. V.I. Lenina, 1982. Catalog of holdings of the Russian State Library.


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