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Chinese Cultural Revolution Resources: Art, Film, and Literature

Resources on Chinese Cultural Revolution


Tian Yu (Xiu Xiu, The Sent Down Gir) / 天浴  By Joan Chen (陈冲)
Media & Design Center Library Use Only - 65-V7655

Farewell my Concubine / 霸王别姬 By Kaige Chen (陈凯歌)
Media & Design Center Library Use Only - 65-DVD582

Hibiscus Town / 芙蓉镇 By Jin Xie (谢晋)
Media & Design Center Library Use Only - 65-V2626

To Live / 活着 Yimou By ZHang (张艺谋)
Media & Design Center Library Use Only - 65-DVD10293

Shower / 洗澡 By Yang Zhang (张杨)
Media & Design Center Library Use Only - 65-VCD110 pt.1 / 65-VCD110 pt.2

Documentary Film

Though I am Gone / 我虽死去 By Jie Hu (胡杰)

"Hu, Jie interviews the husband of Bian Zhongyun, principal of a Beijing middle school beaten to death during the Cultural Revolution by her own students...Hu’s film not only interrogates the Cultural Revolution, but also the compulsion and need to witness, document, and record."



Memoirs (English):

Video Media

Images of Daily Life in China during the Cultural Revolution
Images of daily life in China during the Cultural Revolution, maintained by Professor William A. Joseph at Wellesley college who visited China in 1972 and took lots of valuable pictures during his visit.

Morning Sun: a Film and Website about Cultural Revolution
"A range of techniques and perspectives are used in the Morning Sun website to reflect on the origins and history of the Cultural Revolution (c.1964-1976)."

Remembrance: 記憶
"an electronic journal edited by Cultural Revolution historians in China."


           film 2046's cover page

"A Hong Kong writer finds inspiration from the women he's encountered in his past in this futuristic story of love and memory from Wong Kar Wai, who continues the story he began in his acclaimed masterpiece In the Mood for Love."


          Film Farewell My Concubine cover page

"Farewell My Concubine explores the effect of China's political turmoil during the mid-20th century on the lives of individuals, families, and groups, in this case, two stars in a Peking opera troupe and the woman who comes between them."


          Film To Live cover page

"It describes the struggles endured by the son of a wealthy land-owner after the Revolution fundamentally alters the nature of Chinese society. The contrast between his pre-revolutionary status as a selfish fool who (literally) travels on the shoulders of the downtrodden and his post-revolutionary status as a persecuted peasant are stark."

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