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Drama 467: Costume Design I, Fall 2021 (Prof. Janet Chambers): Finding Books


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Searching the Catalog

To search for books by an author, use an Author Search. To search for books about an author, use a Subject Search.

Author: Wilde, Oscar, 1854-1900.

Subject: Wilde, Oscar, 1854-1900.

To search for a Topic, use logical keywords to identify several relevant records, then look at the full record to determine if there are Subject Headings that might expand your search.

Keywords: parisian fashion

Subject Headings: Fashion -- France -- Paris.

Keywords: clothing women united states

Subject:     Women's clothing -- United States.

Potentially Useful Subjects for this Course:

NB: The most common terms used for costume are "clothing and dress," "costume," and "fashion."  The long alphabetical list below is meant to be suggestive.  Note that there are geographical, chronological, & thematic aspects to these topics.

Biblical costume.

Clothing and dress.

Clothing and dress -- Europe -- History.

Clothing and dress -- France -- History -- 19th century.

Clothing and dress -- Great Britain -- History.

Clothing and dress -- History -- Encyclopedias.

Clothing and dress -- Social aspects.

Color in design.

Color in design -- History.

Color in interior decoration.

Corsets -- History.


Costume design.

Costume -- Great Britain -- History -- 16th century.

Costume -- History -- 19th century.

Costume -- History -- 20th century.

Costume -- Middle East.


Draperies in interior decoration .

Fashion Encyclopedias [subject keywords]

Fashion -- History.`

Fashion design -- History.

Fashion -- France -- Paris.

Fashion -- Periodicals.

Fashion -- Social aspects.

Foundation garments -- History.

Hairstyles -- Encyclopedias.

Hairstyles -- History.

Interior decoration -- History.

Interior decoration -- History -- Encyclopedias.

Interior decoration -- United States.

Molière, 1622-1673 -- Criticism and interpretation.

Molière, 1622-1673 -- Dramatic production.

Molière, 1622-1673 -- Stage history.

Salome (Biblical figure).

Stage lighting -- Encyclopedias.

Stage lighting -- History.

Textile fabrics in interior decoration.

Theaters -- Stage-setting and scenery.

Underwear -- History.

Wilde, Oscar, 1854-1900. Salomé.

Wilde, Oscar, 1854-1900 -- Stage history.

Women's clothing.