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Searching Embase: Quick Tips

Created by Health Science Librarians

Quick Tips for Embase

1. Embase via the Health Sciences Library

Enter Embase from the UNC Health Sciences Library website for full access to this paid resource. 

2. Find@UNC

Use the blue Find @ UNC link to access article PDFs for free, for anyone with a UNC ONYEN. 

3. Result Filters

Use filters on the left side of the search results page to quickly limit the number of articles in your results and exclude irrelevant things. 

4. Search Pages

Use the various search pages to create specific types of searches, including a PICO framework formatted search (PICO), a search for pharmacovigilance literature (PV Wizard), or searches for specific types of drug research (Drug), disease state literature (Disease), or medical devices (Device). You can also create searches for a specific citation (Article) or by a certain author (Authors) and run other complex searches on the advanced search page (Advanced). 

5. Embase/Elsevier Account

Save results in Embase and set up custom options by clicking Login and setting up an individual account with a username and password. As of June 2021, you must have an Elsevier account to export data from Embase. For more information, check out our instructions for creating an Elsevier account

6. Save your Search Results

Export all or some of your found citations search strategies by clicking the checkboxes to the right of the citation and then clicking Export. 

7. Emtree Thesaurus

Access the Emtree thesaurus of subject headings (similar to MeSH in PubMed), in the top menu on the search and results page in Embase, to look up terms for subject headings to make your searches more precise. 

8. Ask Us

Contact the HSL for assistance with any of these topics or other aspects of searching Embase.