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Searching Embase: Save Search Results

Created by Health Science Librarians

Save Your Embase Search Results

You have options in Embase for managing your search results. You can save articles temporarily within Embase to your Clipboard, export citations to an email address, or export citations to a file for a citation manager such as EndNote or Sciwheel. 


The option to add citations to the Clipboard is below the search box and above your search results. Adding items to the clipboard is a good way to save citations (temporarily) from across multiple searches and then read and/or export them later as a group. 

the clipboard tool in Embase


To export citations from Embase to a file for a citation manager, or into a spreadsheet or document, use the Export option. You must be signed in to your Elsevier account in Embase to export citations. To export only a few citations, click the checkbox beside the articles on the search results page or from your clipboard, then click Export. To export all or many of your search results, Click on the Select Number of Items menu, select up to all the search results, and then click on Export. You can then select which format you want to export the citations into and save the resulting file to your computer.