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LSEG Workspace

LSEG Workspace is a resource for information on publicly traded US and international companies. Available information typically includes summary financial data with links to company filings, key ratios actual and forward estimates, stock pricing data, key corporate events, officers and directors, analyst rating, and analyst reports (formerly Investext).

While Investext, now Aftermarket Reports, no longer exists as an independent database it is a module of the LSEG Workspace database. Aftermarket Reports contains the full-text, including tables, charts and other graphics, of industry and company reports written by analysts from more than 700 of the world’s investment banks. There are currently more than 8 million company reports and more than 1.2 million industry reports dating back to 1982. More than 5,000 reports are added each week. Reports are generally added 1 to 2 weeks after initial publication.

NOTE: Users must first self-register with their UNC email for a user account before accessing this resource. Please consult detailed instructions below on self-registering for a user account.

Users must always authenticate, even when on campus.

Overview to create a user account

To access LSEG Workspace, users must first create a user account. Users will first self-register with their UNC email and then fill out a registration form to create a user account. Make sure UNC email domain is OR OR Once user account has been established, user may log on to the Refinitiv (Workspace) site.

Users must authenticate on and off campus to use this resource.

Self-registration page

  1. Go to LSEG Self-registration page at: to begin process of creating a user account. First, read and make note of instructions below; OR copy and paste Refinitiv Self-registration URL to another browser tab to open, leaving instructions viewable on this tab for reference.
  2. At self-registration page, enter UNC email.
  3. Verification email will be sent to your UNC email.
  4. Open your UNC email to click on the link in the verification email to be sent to registration form.

Registration form page

  1. User will enter first and last name
  2. User will select “ the Reference group label ” that applies
    • Student Graduating May 2024
    • Student Graduating May 2025
    • Student Graduating May 2026
    • Student Graduating May 2027
    • Please note it is an Honor Code violation for students to select “Faculty” as their Reference Group
  3. Product box has WORKSPACE FOR STUDENTS. Please leave this box as is. Do not change.
  4. Select the Add On AMR for Student user level or AMR Academic Staff user level as appropriate
    • Please note it is an Honor Code violation for students to select “Academic Staff User” level
  5. Click on “Register Now”
  6. Users will receive a Welcome email from LSEG within 30 minutes.
  7. Users now have a user account with which to log in to LSEG Workspace.

Information for Users

  1. LSEG accounts expire and will be deactivated upon graduation or otherwise leaving studies or employment at UNC at Chapel Hill.
  2. DO NOT bookmark the LSEG login page. Please access through the UNC Kenan-Flagler Research Tools & Library Resources web page, the UNC catalog E-Research Disciplines A-Z web page or the UNC catalog E-Research Disciplines Business web pages
  3. Students are limited to viewing / downloading 150 pages of analysts’ reports per day.


Contact Nancy Lovas ( with any questions.

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