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History of the Health Sciences Resources: Medicinal Gardens

Information on digital archives, collections and sites in the history of the health sciences

Sam W. Hitt Medicinal Plant Gardens

medicinal garden in bloom

The Sam W. Hitt Medicinal Plant Gardens are located outside UNC-Chapel Hill's Health Sciences Library, and are maintained by the Gardening and Ethnobotany in Academia (GAEA) Project and students taking BIOL 217. 

Medicinal Gardens Map

About the Medicinal Gardens Map

This map shows locations of various medicinal gardens throughout the world (although mostly in the United States). It was prepared by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This map is not intended to be an inclusive list of every medicinal garden in the world; however, we are happy to add to it if you notice any obvious omissions. Please contact to make suggestions.

Color key:

Blue = University/college
Green = Botanical garden
Yellow = Museum/historic site
Purple = Privately owned 
Dark red = Library
Orange = Community garden
Gray = Medical society
Black = Other
Some gardens fall into more than one category. In such cases, one category has been selected that best represents that garden.