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Guide to Changing Your Legal Name and/or Gender in North Carolina

This guide provides an overview of steps and resources to assist individuals who wish to change their legal name and/or gender in North Carolina.

What Is in This Guide?

Guide to Changing Your Name and Gender in North Carolina

This guide provides information and resources for changing your legal name and/or gender in North Carolina.

We have worked hard to provide good information. However we cannot completely endorse or guarantee the information any website provides. Your best option is to consult North Carolina state and federal government resources first. They will often alert you to free or low-cost assistance and steer you away from scams.

Additionally, the law is subject to change. Please update your law or check with the appropriate state office to make sure that any forms or processes are up to date.

Be aware that some forms provided are written with lawyers in mind, so they may assume some advance knowledge of the law.

When you choose to represent yourself, you must also follow the same statutes and rules for your type of case that an attorney must follow. If you have questions or concerns about these forms, instructions, commentary, the use of the forms, or your legal rights, it is strongly recommended that you speak to an attorney.

This guide covers the following topics: